I don’t know what I would do without Malke! She is so knowledgeable and incredible at what she does! It is easy to see how passionate she is about her work and she is amazing with the babies! I was having such a hard time breastfeeding and was in so much pain- I felt like giving up. But thanks to Malke and all of her support, I kept going and my breastfeeding experience changed from something I dreaded to a special bonding time with my baby! Now breastfeeding feels so natural! I am so grateful for Malke, if I could give her a rating of more than 5 stars I would!


Malke is such an amazing resource for the mama to be and the nursing mama! I took my prenatal classes with Malke and she was just so informative and knowledgeable about child birth (pregnancy, birth and postpartum). She has helped me so much with my breastfeeding journey. My LO delivered early and was having trouble latching properly. Therefore, causing so much pain and discomfort for myself. Malke helped me through all the discomfort and got my LO latching properly. I have been breastfeeding my LO for the past 10 months and it’s because of Malke. She’s amazing at what she does and truly loves it! I recommend Malke to all my new mama friends and will continue to do so. Mila and I, thank you, Malke!


Malke does an amazing job at being supportive and guiding you on your breastfeeding journey. She is well-versed in all the struggles new moms face when starting to breastfeed. With me, she helped me adjust my LO to latch and nurse (hospital said he need formula bc he wasn’t nursing.) She also answered my questions about all breastfeeding related things, such as caffeine intake, food choices affecting my supply and medications. Malke is a champion of supporting mommas breastfed! I know I wouldn’t have made it without her guidance.


Malke is so encouraging to each mother and their breastfeeding journey. I had recently found out my LO was lip and tongue tied just before I met Malke. She made our adjustment seamless and navigated thru new needs of my LO. I’m forever grateful for her help!


I never knew breastfeeding would come with so many questions and challenges! Everytime something “new” would come up (engorgement, sore nipples, clogged duct to name a few for me), I could count on Malke’s knowledge and advice. It was easy for me to neglect myself with a newborn but when you’re with Malke she makes sure you’re comfortable and hydrated. She helped nourish my body which was working hard to nourish my baby. Almost 10 months into my breastfeeding journey now, I feel so blessed to have met Malke and to have experienced the caring, positive and even fun environment she provides.


Malke is seriously the BEST! My husband and I attended a Lamaze class with her at Southwestern when I was pregnant and I met with her after my baby was born for lactation support. She was so kind and always made me feel better after seeing her with my son. She helped me gain the confidence I needed to continue breastfeeding my son until he was 15 months old. I would recommend her services to anyone!


Malke is the best support you can have when it comes to breastfeeding, nursing and caring for your baby on those important days after your baby is born and along your journey. She help me 2 after my baby was born and I don’t know why I did not reached out to her before. She empowered and gave me the necessary knowledge to feel comfortable with my baby and to know that he was going to be ok


When my daughter was 2 months she had the same weight of the day that she was born. Her first pediatrician told me to only gave formula that I couldn’t do it. Then I met Malke and she helped me to breastfeed my daughter only with formula as support. Now my daughter is almost three and I passed the two years line. I totally recommend Malke she’s awesome I don’t have words to thank her!


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